Farm Cash Goes Global: Zynga Game Cards invade Europe, Turkey

Zynga Game Cards
Zynga Game Cards

It's not just language that's been a barrier to Zynga's global domination (which as of late it seems to have mastered). International digital farmers need a way to pay, too. This is exactly why the company has announced partnerships with distributors in Europe and Turkey to dole out Zynga Game Cards to the masses, VentureBeat reports.

Euronet Worldwide's epay division will distribute the game cards across 18 European countries. More specifically, European fans looking for an in-game boost can find the cards in 276,000 retail spots and 588,000 kiosks spanning the U.K., France, Spain, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Croatia, according to VentureBeat. Those who buy a Zynga Game Card from these locations will also score a free in-game gift.

In Turkey, mobile payment provider Mikro Ödeme will offer the prepaid cards for smaller increments of Turkish Lira. However, players can also pay through their mobile phones through services TurkCell and Turk Telekom. This is far from the first place Zynga has expanded its game cards. Most recently, Zynga Game Cards entered the Middle East and North Africa through Gate2Play, touched India through MOL and into Latin America through Mentez.

The FarmVille creator's quest to be the number one games company in the world takes more than just localization through language support, but allowing international players to pay up, too. According to VentureBeat, Zynga already has 12 games in 50 countries--only 146 countries to go.

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