Empires & Allies Prism Power Packs: Everything you need to know


Have you ever wished you could have rainbow-colored units in Empires & Allies to better reflect your personality? Wouldn't you just love to see a line of purple tanks smashing your enemies into a haze? Ok, maybe that's just me, but you now all have the option to do so anyway, as Zynga has launched two new sets of items into the store under the heading of Prism Power Packs. To be especially clear, these multi-colored units are entirely new items that you'll need to purchase in the store, but you do have the option for a permanent unlock as well, allowing to build more in the future, long after they've expired from the store.

To be specific, you can now purchase one of six colored Sherman Tanks or six Mustang air units. For most of the Tanks, they go for a price of 9 Empire Points for a single unit, and come with a strength of 180 points. The Red Tank, however, is the odd (strong) man out, as it comes with 250 points of strength. For a permanent unlock, these Tanks go for 54 Empire Points, which sees you rewarded with a free unit as well.

Meanwhile, the Mustangs go for around 5-15 Empire Points each, which their strength sitting around the 150 point mark, depending on the color you choose. Again, the Red Mustang is overpowered, having 275 points instead. If you want to unlock the ability to build a specific color of these Mustangs in your Hangers, you can do so for Empire Points as well, with the Green Mustang costing 30 Empire Points and the Orange Mustang costing 90 Empire Points, as examples of the range.

These "Prism Power Packs" will only be available for a limited time of a little more than 10 days, as of this writing. There's no telling if or when these colored units will fly or drive their way back into the store, so make sure to think long and hard about purchasing them before they expire.

Will you purchase any of these colorful Tanks or Mustangs? Which color(s) will you choose, and of which item? Sound off in the comments.