Deputy Sheriff Fired For Allegedly Attacking Her Girlfriend's Lover

Jennifer Roberts fired Luzerne County policeA Pennsylvania deputy sheriff has been fired for allegedly attacking the girlfriend of her former lover.

The dismissal of 33-year-old Jennifer M. Roberts from her post in the Luzerne County police department came about after the members of a dramatic love triangle came to blows.

Roberts had been living with her girlfriend Mary Jean Farrell, 44, and her two children in Fairview Township when the couple split up after Roberts began seeing another woman, according to a report in The Standard Speaker.

The revelation of the affair led each of the two, both members of the police force, to threaten the other at gunpoint. But when Farrell moved on to a new lover, Sheila Sult, also 44, it was too much for Roberts.

She allegedly began harassing the two.

"If you don't come see me later, I will find Sheila and punch that Colgate smile right off her face," Roberts is said to have told her former lover at the local mall, according to police reports.

The tension only became more heated after Sult posted about the mall incident on Facebook, according to the Wilkes Barre Times-Leader.

Following through on her threat, Roberts allegedly appeared at Sult's Wilkes-Barre home on July 22, and proceeded to attack her.

And while the incident was broken up by Farrell, the third member of the triangle, Sult still sustained injuries to her face, including swelling.

And while the assault and harassment charges are still pending, Roberts has been dismissed for "conduct unbecoming a police officer."

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