CityVille: Run off and join the circus in the comfort of your own town


Ever have the wild thought of running away and joining the circus? Why not have the circus come to you? You can do just that this week, as circus / amusement items have come to CityVille. With most of these items expiring in less than one week, you've got your work cut out for you to collect them all (especially since most, unfortunately, cost City Cash). Here's a complete run-down of what's available.

  • Fun House (Home) - 25,000 coins - 200-380 population - 188 coins every four hours

  • Animal House (Home) - 50 City Cash - 620-1230 population - 20 coins every five minutes

  • Carousel Cottage (Home) - 70 City Cash - 1180-2360 population - 401 coins every four hours

  • The Far Out Freak Show (Business) - 35 City Cash - 165 Goods; 999 coins in earnings

  • Circus Snack Shack - 12,500 coins - 253 Goods; 1413 coins in earnings

  • Clown Costumes (Citizen Clothing) - 1,000 coins

  • Fountain of Mirth (Decoration) - 6% bonus payout

  • Daring Diver (Decoration) - 5,000 coins - 4% bonus

For the Fountain of Mirth and Daring Diver, you'll receive an extra 6% and 4% bonus to surrounding structures, respectively, so long as those buildings are in the circus theme.

Additionally, you also have the option of purchasing a Circus Mystery Crate for 35 City Cash each, which gives you the chance of winning a Carousel Cottage, Far Out Freak Show or Animal House, along with another home - the Clown Alley, which offers 900-1800 population when placed in your town. So long as you're not concerned which of the four items you end up with, the 35 City Cash price is definitely a better deal than purchasing these items individually, but remember, after the first crate you have a chance of receiving duplicate items if you purchase more.

Remember, all of these items (save for the Clown Costumes for your town's citizens) will expire in a week, so shop fast if you want to create an entirely circus-themed area in your town! The caravan won't be around for long!

Will you purchase any of these Circus-themed items for your cities in CityVille? If you splurged on a Mystery Crate, which item did you end up with? Let us know in the comments!