1 vs 100 on Facebook: Can the next Episode air, like, now?

1 vs 100 on Facebook
1 vs 100 on Facebook

It must have rained when 1 vs 100, an Xbox Live game inspired by the classic '90s game show, was canceled. But those (possibly exaggerated) clouds have finally parted, as the game has found new life on Facebook. Brought to you by iWin, known for Facebook renditions of popular game shows like Family Feud and Deal or No Deal, 1 vs 100 follows the formula of the game show almost exactly, but turns your Facebook friends into The Mob.

But, of course, they're not actually playing. The core of the game is answering trivia questions, and for every question you answer correctly, you'll score cash for every member of the mob that got it wrong. However, the number of Mob members that answer questions incorrectly seems to be completely random, as they're simply representations of your Facebook friends--gamers or not.

As The Mob dwindles, the cash value for each Mob member you eliminate increases, which you're reminded of with full voice over work that drives the game show feeling home. Once you eliminate at least 50 Mob members, which isn't terribly difficult, the game changes slightly. While before then you simply wouldn't collect the cash on incorrectly-answered questions, the game becomes instant elimination. Answer one question wrong and it's game over for you, though you'll walk away with a small portion of what you earned up to that point (but more on that later).


Luckily, you have some lifelines in 1 vs 100, which can be used at any time with no penalty to your score. (However, you can only use these so many times per Episode.) The first of which is Ask the Mob, which simply eliminates an incorrect answer from the three possible choices. Second is Poll the Mob, which allows you to choose one answer to see how many Mob members chose that response. Finally, Trust the Mob locks in your answer with the one chose by the most Mob members.

But back to losing, which is where iWin put the "social" in this social game, oddly enough. In the event that you're knocked out during the elimination rounds, you'll have the option to ask your friends to "Right My Wrong." This mini game of sorts challenges your friends to answer the question you got wrong correctly and then one more. If your friend succeeds, you will split the total of what you would have earned up until that point with your friend. It makes for an interesting dynamic--turning loss into an extension of the game through your friends.

1 vs 100 the Facebook Mob
1 vs 100 the Facebook Mob

Of course, there are friend-driven weekly and all-time leaderboards in 1 vs 100. But iWin introduced a more subtle, but powerful social feature: Every Facebook friend of yours in The Mob that is a 1 vs 100 player is worth more cash than normal Mob members. Players can also send each other extra lifelines through the Free Gifts page, but not Episodes, it seems. Episodes are essentially what Energy is to most social games. You're only given two upon starting the game, and these seem to refill over time. It should be expected that they're (along with more lifelines) available for Facebook Credits, but leveling up rewards you with Episodes, too. (But levels don't seem to have much more purpose than this.)

1 vs 100 on Facebook successfully recreates the excitement of the game show with its full voice work and slick, smoothly animated presentation. (But, oh, what we wouldn't do for a live Mob again like on Xbox Live.) However, even with Right My Wrong, we can't help but feel its social features are a bit limited. More importantly, Episodes are terribly few and far in between--surely you can understand why, but that doesn't make it any better. At any rate, iWin's take on 1 vs 100 successfully revives the franchise right where we are every day. And will you look at that, the sun's out again.

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