Techno Kitten Adventure brings the ultimate Internet meme to Facebook

Techno Kitten Adventure
Techno Kitten Adventure

If you've been a citizen of the Internet for longer than five minutes, you know what lolcats are. (If not, then you're clearly on the wrong Internet.) Merging two of the largest web phenomena to date--funny cat media and Facebook games--Florida-based developer 21st Street Games and New York-based design firm Elite Gudz have brought Techno Kitten Adventure to Facebook.

Originally released on Xbox Live Indies and the iOS App Store, the game has players guiding a kitty strapped to a jetpack through a tiny corridor of stars, avoiding blinking stars and attempting to see just what in the world is going on through ... more stars. Oh, and did we mention the thumping techno beats?

Of course, hitting the ceiling or floor in this starry tunnel ends your run, but starting over is as simple as hitting the space bar again, which is how you keep Techno Kitten afloat--the longer you hold in the space bar, the higher it flies. Timing--and hopelessly trying to look past the borderline-epileptic laser light show--is as vital in Techno Kitten Adventure on Facebook as it is on other platforms. But why Facebook?

"When we started this project our goal was to spread the happiness and insanity that is Techno Kitten to the whole world," 21st Street Games Creative Director Brian Ferrara said in a release. "Today we've come one step closer and I can really see the rainbow." That's reason enough for a game as crazy as this, trust us.

Techno Kitten Adventure Facebook
Techno Kitten Adventure Facebook

For this social rendition, 21st Street Games introduced friend-driven leaderboards and weekly tournaments in vein of games like Bejeweled Blitz and Fruit Ninja Frenzy. Of course, Techno Kitten Adventure is not without some virtual goods, offering two map packs (new areas to play through) for $.99 a piece, or 10 Facebook Credits. If you were a fan of Robot Unicorn Attack when it hit Facebook recently, then we'd say Techno Kitten Adventure is right up your alley.

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