The Sims Social: Didn't get your free Fan Page gifts? Join the club


Just a short time after launching the Sims Social on Facebook, EA / Playfish are already catching some flack from many users about their fan page promotion, which offered free gifts to all users that Liked the fan page on Facebook. However, in this case, the many complaints seem rather accurate.

For the past few months, EA and Playfish have been practically begging users to Like the Sims Social fan page on Facebook in anticipation of the game's launch. In return, we were told that we'd receive free gifts when the amount of Likes reached certain amounts (a free grill for reaching 10,000 Likes, for instance). So, Like the page we did - to the tune of over 2 million players, as of this writing. However, when it came time to fulfill its end of the promise, it looks like the team of EA and Playfish have really dropped the ball.

With the many loading, gameplay and other general maintenance issues that the game has suffered since launch, and with the lack of warning that the developers gave to users, the free items came and went within a matter of days, leaving many completely in the dark, but plenty upset. And when I say matter of days, I mean less than a week (or, less than four days, if you stick strictly to the posts on the game's page). Speaking of, EA / Playfish made just two posts on the fan page's wall about the items being available. One, last Friday, announced that the items were available. Then, in the wee Monday morning hours, they announced that we had one final "last chance" at claiming these items.

In theory, all seven million of the game's monthly active players would have had to see one of these two posts on their News Feed (assuming it didn't get covered up by game posts or simply general status updates and posts by friends), and then click on the link to head to the "More to Like" section of the fan page to click on individual links to claim each and every item. They would then have to hope that they didn't run into maintenance or loading issues that would prevent the items from really being claimed. That's a lot of stuff that all needed to go right, all in a very short period of time. Needless to say, many users didn't make it and walked away almost empty-handed.

Currently, the only item that has a still active link (as of this writing) is an orange refrigerator, which unlocked at the 1.5 million player mark. Why this single item is still available is unknown, but it leaves us to believe that someone simply forgot to "turn it off." To let the developers know of their dissatisfaction, a group of users have taken to the official Playfish forums (along with those posting on the fan page itself), urging the developer to re-release the items for a short while longer, so that more players have a chance to claim them. What's more - many users are claiming that the links were already inactive when EA / Playfish posted their last chance warning, which really adds fuel to the fire.

Will this call to the developers really result in a re-release of the free items? Maybe it will, and maybe it won't, but we bring you all of this information so that you can join the cause (if you so choose). There's more power in numbers, so if you're unsatisfied with the amount of time (or lack thereof) that Playfish gave us to claim these items, make sure to let your voice be heard. Even if it doesn't work out, you'll at least be able to rest with the satisfaction of knowing that you tried.

Were you able to claim your free fan page items for liking the Sims Social fan page, or did the links expire before you even knew they were active? Will you join the cause on the official Playfish forums, requesting a re-release? Sound off in the comments.