Pioneer Trail The Forlorn Farmer Timed Goal: Everything you need to know

Forlorn Farmer Timed Goal
Forlorn Farmer Timed Goal

If the guy in that image is down in the dumps, I don't even want to be around when he's happy. Anyway, it's time to turn a fellow farmer's frown ... even more upside down on (?) The Pioneer Trail. In The Forlorn Farmer, a new Timed Goal found on your Homestead, it's up to you to help this fellow build a new farm.

This seven-day Timed Goal will only become available to those who have completed The Dogless Shepherd Timed Goal, and it must be accepted by Sept. 1. Here's everything you need to know:

The Forlorn Farmer

  • Chop Neighbor Pine Trees 10 Times

  • Collect 10 Hay Bundles

  • Collect 10 Barn Nails

The best way to go about this Goal is to coordinate with a close friend--perhaps one of your crew members on the Trail. Ask them to buy a few Pine Trees and do the same, give them some time to grow (five days would be pushing it) and chop away. The 10 Hay Bundles and 10 Barn Nails will come from your friends, of course. Your reward for finishing this Goal is a whopping 10 Critter Milk, 500XP and 400 Coins.

[Sources and Image Credit: Zynga, FrontierVille Info]

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