FarmVille Unwither Ring back for another go around the barnyard


While we've had quite a few opportunities to purchase an Unwither Ring in FarmVille since the feature was first launched in early 2010, the price has been enough to ensure its rarity amongst the millions of farmers that still play the game. If you'd like to finally make the splurge on one for your own account, that opportunity has come around once again, but only for a limited time.

For the next seven days, interested farmers can either purchase an Unwither Ring for their own farm, or can gift one to a (very) lucky farmer in their lives. The price? 250 Farm Cash, or just under $50 US, depending on the types of Farm Cash packages you purchase to make your account reach 250 in the first place.

As usual, this Unwither Ring performs as the name suggests, and will allow you to never have to worry about withered crops, ever again. It should be noted that the ring, once purchased, will lock to your Home Farm, so keep that in mind. Also keep in mind the 5,000 XP bonus you'll receive for purchasing one. Sure, that 5,000 XP may not be worth the 250 Farm Cash you'll spend, but it's better than nothing... right?

Will you purchase an Unwither Ring for your own farm, or will you splurge on one as a gift for a friend? Do you already have an Unwither Ring? Do you regret the purchase, or was it everything you hoped for? Sound off in the comments.