FarmVille Pic of the Day: Psannicolas1986's sprawling farm temple

farmville featured farm psannicolas
farmville featured farm psannicolas

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Psannicolas1986's sprawling complex uses FarmVille's different terrain in combination with items and animals to create a wonderful and unique pattern. The surrounding sand dunes and Aztec ruins are definitely something I've never seen before and make for some incredible vistas. And if you look to the center, past the lovely tree arrangement, all you'll see is a couple of nursery barns and a dairy barn. But why keep just those buildings on the farm at all?

But now take a look at the black and white border, and you'll see that Psannicolas' temple is actually a giant dairy farm. There are dozens of belted cows, enough to make two walls around the central plaza! Psannicolas probably collects foals and raises them in those four nursery barns into adult cows. Not to mention, the trees and crop squares are also a source of profit. You folks know I love to see a farm that embraces function and form. Let's just hope Psannicolas has plenty of farm hands...

What do you think of Psannicolas' sprawling temple farm?

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