FarmVille: 32x32 Land Expansion now available for both farms


If you've run out of land space on either your Home Farm or your English Countryside farm in FarmVille, you can now upgrade to the 32x32 Lush Spread (on the Home Farm) or Chipper Farm (in England) for Farm Cash. Actually, just saying "Farm Cash" doesn't really cut it - a LOT of Farm Cash is more like it. Seriously... a ton.

Starting with the Home Farm's Lush Spread, you can now purchase the expansion for a whopping 180 Farm Cash. But wait! If you fail to purchase this expansion within the next 30 days, the price will go up after that point to 200 Farm Cash.

The same can be said for the Chipper Farm, in terms of it being on sale. The starting, sale price is 195 Farm Cash, while waiting until after the sale period pushes the price to 215 Farm Cash. All of those prices range from around $34 to $40 each, depending on the Farm Cash package you purchase to get to that much Farm Cash on your account. I'll give you a second to let that set in... Again, these "sale" prices will only last until September 23 (to be exact), so that means that until that point, there's no way we should even think about a coin option, as it simply won't happen (that is, unless all of us suddenly boycott the game, which isn't likely to happen either).

The only good news that comes for this (for farmers on a budget, that is) is that the 30x30 land expansions might be released in a coin option sooner, rather than later (perhaps before the end of the year?). No word yet on how much those expansion will cost, once they are officially released for coins, but that's probably a good thing. These massive Farm Cash prices are enough bad news for most of us, I'd imagine.

Will you purchase either of these expansions for 180 or 195 Farm Cash? How much is too much to spend on a single item or upgrade on your farm? How many coins would you be willing to pay for these expansions instead? Sound off in the comments.