Remodeling Buildings in CityVille: Everything you need to know

CityVille Remodeling
CityVille Remodeling

Well, will you look at that, Extreme Makeover has made it to CityVille. Zynga has introduced a brand new building to the game, the Remodeling HQ, and with it an interesting new feature. Once players have reached Level 15, they will be introduced to the new ability to remodel Residences.

This new function will give select Residences a new look and increase their bonuses like population boosts. If you're Level 15 or higher, the following Goal will appear in your game:

Paint the Town!

  • Place and Complete the Remodeling HQ

  • Remodel 5 Residences

The ability to place the new building will be included in the Goal's menu. Once it's placed, it will take 10 clicks to complete the foundation. However, it doesn't appear to require friends to finish like most new functional buildings.

Remodel options
Remodel options

Remodeled Residences CityVille
Remodeled Residences CityVille

Once the Remodeling HQ is complete, an arrow will appear above the select tool--click it to reveal a new mode: Remodel. Select the function to cause all Residences that are available for remodeling to appear with a floating icon. These are the Residences you can remodel now:

  • Cozy Cottage

  • Family Townhouse

  • Country Home

  • Terraced Brownstone

  • Apartment Complex

  • Timeshare Tower

  • Bay Point Duplex

Surely, Zynga will introduce the ability to remodel more Residences later on. When you click on a Residence that can be remodeled, a menu similar to the old Build Menu will appear, displaying all the options there are to remodel your building. (Remodeling is handled per building, meaning remodeling a Cozy Cottage will apply to just that Cozy and not every one you own.) Most of these options cost mere Coins, but there are options available for City Cash, of course.

Hovering over each options will reveal what bonuses it provides, too.Once you select the new look, your building will appear with a scaffolding around it. The amount of clicks required to complete each remodeling job seems to vary, but each click will cost one Energy. The final click will reveal your new-and-improved Residence, new stats and all.

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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Have you tried out remodeling your Residences yet? What do you think of the new feature, and which Residences do you hope to remodel in the future? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.