Cafe World Chef Appreciation Week: Everything you need to know


After all of the hours we've spent toiling away in the kitchen, the Cafe World developers are looking to give back to us this week by launching a huge feature called (appropriately enough) Chef Appreciation Week! Don't worry, this new event doesn't come with goals or anything we actually have to do; rather, it's all about bonuses being given to us for our dedication to playing. Here's a full lineup of the prizes that are available.

1. Free Instant Spices: Login at least once per day over the next two days (technically, tomorrow's prize doesn't launch until after 7PM EST, so you have plenty of time to earn today's prize if you haven't already played today), and you'll be given two Instant Spices, absolutely free. Remember, these spices will allow you to instantly complete the cooking time on any dish you currently have cooking.

2. Returning Decor Themes: If you've ever regretted not purchasing an item in past decorative themes, you'll have a chance to make up for lost time as three sets of items have been re-released: both sets of Alien decorations, along with the entire 1950's decoration set (to go along with the launch of the Sock Hop Catering Order).

3. Free Community Cook-Off Recipe: After asking fan page users what foods they like to eat at a BBQ, the developers have created a "Community Cook-Off" dish that's ours to keep and master long after this event ends. The dish costs 500 coins but takes just 30 minutes to cook. You'll receive 21 Cafe Points and 800 coins once you've completely served and sold out of a single dish. Level one of mastery comes at 20 servings.

4. Cafe Decorating Contest: For complete details about the contest, check out the game's forums. Basically, you'll need to create a themed cafe using those Alien and 1950's items I mentioned earlier. You have until September 12 to enter, and the top winners will receive 500, 200 and 100 Cafe Cash each, respectively.

5. Cafe World Trivia Contest: On August 27, Zynga will throw a Cafe World trivia contest on the Cafe World fan page. Each question will see two winners (with the correct answers) being given 50 Cafe Cash each.

6. Super Sliders are back: Super Sliders are once again available to cook. Each serving costs 15 coins to cook and is ready to serve after just five minutes. You'll receive 10 Cafe Points and 100 coins for each Super Sliders you serve.

While none of these updates may be game-changing, it is nice to have a bunch of bonuses, contests and other goodies to look forward to, rather than constantly worrying about completing goals and catering orders. We'll make sure to let you know if other items or bonuses are added before Chef Appreciation Week end, so keep checking back with us.

What do you think of the different features of Chef Appreciation Week? Will you try to master the Super Sliders before they expire again at the end of this event? Sound off in the comments.