5 Target Tips For The Job Hunter

1. Relax

You will be more relaxed in the interview if you have aligned your passions with what they are looking for. Your confidence from this alignment will help create your relaxed posture. Body language speaks volumes without ever saying a word so coming in with this confidence will quickly be seen AND felt by the interviewer and makes you more likely to be remembered by them. The opposite is true also, being uptight and anxious because you are not confident will quickly be felt by the interviewer and will most likely be a detriment. Remember; go for relaxed, confident and calm. Avoid doing things like: tapping your hands or feet nervously, being too anxious to talk, or crossing your arms which could indicate you are closed off to communication, all of which give the message that you might not be a good fit.

2. Identify your passions

Make a list of at least 10 things you love to do. When you do them time seems to stand still. Brainstorm ideas of different jobs that relate to your passions. When you are clear about what your passions are you can then match them to employers who are looking for those skills. During the interview your passion and enthusiasm for the things you love and can do for them will be contagious and shine through and will make

3. Do your homework on the company

Learning about the company and job in question will help you know if it aligns with your passions. If it does then you will want to learn everything you can about that company. Be prepared to talk about what you have learned about the company and job in the interview and to point out how you are the perfect person for the opening they have. This approach communicates your confidence. Be ready to say for example; "I know the mission of BLANK Company is to provide superior service to its customers. I love working with people and as a result I give excellent customer service and know that I can help fulfill your company mission if given the opportunity."

4. Practice interviewing

Do a mock dialog of what you think could be asked of you in an interview. Anticipate those questions so you are prepared in advance with answers. Being honest in all of your answers will help you remain relaxed – if you try to hide something you will create a tension that the interviewer will pick up on.

5. Be positive

Remember you are selling yourself to them. There's nothing worse than a "Debbie Downer" and your attitude can make or break your opportunity. Remember to use positive language like "I know I can, I am excited for this opportunity, and I plan to...." instead of statements like: "my former company was a bad fit, I am probably not what you are looking for, etc...." Most interviewers know they can teach anybody skills, but they are also smart enough to know that they cannot teach or give someone a good attitude. People with good attitudes are naturally team oriented and smart companies place great value on this quality. Bringing a great attitude to the interview is your choice and begins long before the interview! Counting the good things you have in your life and being grateful for them is a great way to create and keep a positive attitude.

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