The Sims 3 World Adventures is free on iOS App Store today only

The Sims 3 World AdventuresFace it, you've been spoiled. First, you get a free version of The Sims on Facebook in The Sims Social, and now you want even more free Sims action? (How rude!) Luckily, EA is feeling oddly generous, as The Sims 3 World Adventures for iOS is absolutely free on the App Store for today only. According to TouchArcade, no specific reason was given for the 100 percent discount, but we tend not to question awesome things.

The game is decidedly different from your normal game of The Sims: Your normal tasks of maintaining a home life are replaced with, "Holy crap--look out for that mummy!" In other words, the game takes you on exotic adventures around the world, Indie Jones style. Those with The Sims 3 installed in their iOS device have the option of importing their Sim to embark on these adventures.

TouchArcade mentions that the game hasn't been as well received as other Sims games. But hey, it's a free Sims game--don't be silly and pass this one up. Between The Sims Social and now this, perhaps "free" is becoming a fond term for EA. If anything, let this hold you over until that hopeful announcement of The Sims Social for smartphones comes along ... for a long time.

The Sims 3 iPhone footage

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