Think Facebook games stink lately? Then make one in Pixaquarium

Pixaquarium Game Maker
Pixaquarium Game Maker

Come on, you know after witnessing the umpteenth bug in FarmVille you said to yourself, "Hell, even I could do this better!" Well, now's your chance to make good on your foolish statements made in anger, with Pixaquarium Game Maker by Stuntbird Games. More of a creation platform than a game, Pixaquarium gives players the tools to make their own games within the game, albeit far simpler ones that are governed by a template.

You have control over nearly every aspect of the games you create from background artwork to your character's image and the shape of your enemies. But what's most interesting about this is that players can share their game creations with friends, according to a release. Sure sounds like it beats sharing gifts.

"My oldest daughter was bringing me drawings to put into that game," Stuntbird Games President Dean Ruggles said of his inspiration for the game in a statement. "I realized that a game that was as much about creativity as play could be fun. I thought of it as active entertainment, which is new in the game world, in that Pixaquarium is all about being artistic and inventing a new world to play in."

Pixaquarium in action
Pixaquarium in action

While I wouldn't agree about this type of gameplay being new, it's one of the first Facebook games I've seen clearly geared toward the little ones. Especially those who might have dreams of making their own games. The game is revolved around players uploading photos or other images to play with in the game. So imagine scenarios like a player making a game that includes their best friend to share with them.

It sounds like a great opportunity to increase the meaning of sharing content in Facebook games, but I would imagine kids will need their parents' help with the editor. (As for playing the games, that's as simple as avoiding the bad guys and collecting stars.) As simplified as it is, it might be a bit too much for the single-digit crowd. Regardless, nothing beats making a mini game of yourself slaying aliens and goblins in less than a few minutes, but prepare to pay if you want to save your work.

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