Pioneer Trail: Make your way into Avalanche Pass starting today


While we've had the ability to prepare for the Avalanche Pass missions in FrontierVille'sPioneer Trail for about a week now, speedy pioneers weren't actually able to access the third area of the trail... until today. If you were stuck at the end of the High Plains, waiting patiently (or not) for the Avalanche Pass to open, your time is now.

You'll start your journey in the Avalanche Pass by having your Covered Wagon literally covered in snow via an Avalanche. You'll still be able to interact with the wagon though, it seems, as the folks at Zynga have made a special point of letting us know that we can look towards the far right side of the Avalanche Pass map to find it.

Remember, you'll need to eventually blast your way through the Avalanche Pass with dynamite, so this isn't any time to slow down. There are plenty of missions and activities for you to complete in this newest section of the trail, so start soon in order to make it to Fort Courage as soon as possible!

Were you stuck waiting for Avalanche Pass to open in the Pioneer Trail, or are you still trying to make your way through Beaver Valley or the High Plains? What do you think of the Avalanche Pass so far? Let us know in the comments.