The CityVille Surf 'N Shop finally turns Sea Shells into quaint currency

CityVille Surf 'N Shop
CityVille Surf 'N Shop

Hopefully you didn't go an turn those Shells into a necklace yet. Zynga has recently released the Surf 'N Shop to CityVille, a new community building in vein of the recent Street Carnival buildings. While there is little to no information regarding how you will come across this new building or how to build, we do know just what the heck it does. (I would expect the usual few whacks and a series of items to request from friends.)

This will be where players spend their hard-earned Shells for new decorations and buildings. Players can now redeem Shells by asking friends through the Surf 'N Shop menu as well as collect them from the Sea Shell Stand.

The stand doesn't seem to hold more than 200 Shells, and, of course, encourages players to buy Shells with City Cash. Here are all six items available through the new Surf 'N Shop and how much they'll cost you:

  • Surfers: 5 Shells

  • Buoy: 15 Shells

  • Humpback Whale: 30 Shells

  • Sky Diving School: 75 Shells

  • Aloha Hut: 125 Shells

  • Dream Beach Home: 200 Shells

Surf 'N Shop menu
Surf 'N Shop menu

The items which have a function, of course, cost the most Shells. Though, 30 Shells is a steal for a Humpback Whale that swims around on your coast line. Go forth and collect Shells, for there are whales to litter your ocean with. Do you really need a better reason?

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

Have you seen the Surf 'N Shop in your game yet? What was the building process like, and which of the available items do you want most? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.