CityVille Surf 'N Shop Goals: Everything you need to know

CityVille Surf 'N Shop
CityVille Surf 'N Shop

Looking to squeeze one (hopefully not) last summer event into CityVille, Zynga released the Surf 'N Shop recently. The new building finally makes use of those Shells you've collected with the Sea Shell Stand, but comes with a brand new set of Goals, too.

This new series, titled simply "Surfs Up!" introduces you to the Surf 'N Shop, and rewards you with plenty of XP, Coins and new decorations to ooh and ah at. Here's everything you need to know about these new Goals (though, this information is early and subject to change):

Surfs Up!

  • Place Surf 'N Shop

  • Complete Surf 'N Shop

This is how you'll be given a Surf 'N Shop in the game. However, completing the building is still an unknown, but it will almost certainly involve whacks that cost Energy and items to be requested from friends. Your reward for completing this Goal is 800 Goods.

Let's Talk Shop
Let's Talk Shop

Role Model

  • Have 15 Shells

  • Buy and place any Surf 'N Shop item

  • Have 3 Beach Towels

To get the 15 Shells, you can either collect from your Sea Shell Stand or ask your friends for more through the Surf 'N Shop menu. (City Cash always talks, too.) To buy an item from the Surf 'N Shop, just click on the building to open up the menu, and the rest should fall into place. The three Beach Towels are found through friends, so get to begging. For this Goal, your compensation is 25 XP.

Fine & Sandy

  • Have one Metal Detector

  • Collect from the Burger Joint 5 times

  • Supply Businesses 40 times

Surf 'N Shop
Surf 'N Shop

The Metal Detector is a decoration released as part of a recent theme, and can be found in the new Build Menu under Decorations. (Or you can just search for it.) If you don't already own a Burger Joint, it costs 1,000 Coins.

For those who focus on just a few major Businesses, it might be best just to buy a few cheap joints to speed this requirement up. Unfortunately, the reward for this Goal isn't yet available.

Camera Shy

  • Have 4 Aloe Vera Bottles

  • Collect from 40 Residences

  • Check-in to any Friend's Hotel

Of course, the 4 Aloe Vera Bottles are found by requesting them from friends. Since most veteran CityVille players likely have over 40 Residences, this second requirement should be nothing. To check-in to a friend's Hotel, you either need to be invited or do so while visiting that friend's city. For completing this fourth and final Goal, a Pirate Ship decoration will be yours.

[Source and Image Credit: CityVille Wiki]

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