CityVille Middle School Upgrades: Everything you need to know


One of the older buildings in CityVille, the Middle School, is finally being given some extra attention via the launch of Middle School upgrades in the game. Of course, if you're not in need of a raise in your population cap, you can ignore these upgrades, but why not give them a look either way?

The stock Middle School adds a boost of 800 citizens to your maximum population, but to upgrade that number, you'll first need to be at least Level 32 and have a population of 2,200 citizens already living in your town. The first upgrade takes you to Level 2 and turns the building from red to blue. The process of upgrading will likely take you a bit of time though, as it isn't as simple as adding more staff; instead, you'll need to collect various building materials to upgrade. Here's the list of items you'll need:

  • 3 Lockers

  • 3 Paper Airplanes

  • 3 Notebooks

  • 3 Manila Folders

  • 3 Staplers

This Level 2 state raises the 800 citizens boost to 1,300, for an increase of 500 citizens. But wait, there's more! To upgrade to Level 3, your city must have at least 3,700 citizens living in it, and you will then have to collect the same building ingredients, but in larger amounts: six of each, to be exact. Once again, your Middle School will change in appearance from blue to yellow, and your final population boost will rise to 2,000 citizens. All told, that gives you room to house 1,200 more citizens without taking up more space with additional buildings, which is arguably the best part about every upgrade in the game. With space coming at a premium, at least you now have one more option for an increased population cap without losing any space.

Will you upgrade your Middle School to provide housing for more citizens? Which building or business would you like to see upgraded next? Let us know in the comments.