Mighty Eagle swoops in on Angry Birds Seasons update

Mighty Eagle
Mighty Eagle

Before the Mighty Eagle, Angry Birds was just slinging irate avian creatures at pig-like blobs. But after His Mightiness arrived, Rovio's hit mobile game became a test of ultimate destruction. (It also probably made Rovio a bunch of cash.) So, it's only logical for the company to capitalize on such an awesome addition, and introduce it to Angry Birds Seasons.

The holiday-themed version of Angry Birds received an update today, adding the option for players to purchase the Mighty Eagle. For a one-time cost of one buck, players can opt to truck through difficult levels using this level-decimating creature. However, it also serves as an extra mode, measuring your destruction of the pigs' wooden forts by a percentage.

However, keep in mind that Angry Birds Seasons gates its content, meaning Rovio unlocks levels to players on a day-by-day basis. Considering the part of the point of the Mighty Eagle is to skip tough levels, this may affect its appeal for you. This is telling of Rovio's interest in virtual goods purchases (think of how Zynga attempts to sell you in-game features and boosts), and this is likely just the first of many goodies it will hang before players like the carrot to the horse. If you just can't wait to see the Mighty Eagle demolish the Angry Birds' holiday wonderland, click here for the update on iOS.

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Have you ever purchased the Mighty Eagle, and were you satisfied with it? Aside from mighty eagles, what do you hope to see next from Rovio when it comes to Angry Birds? Sound off in the comment. Add Comment.

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