FarmVille Super Orchard Expansions: Everything you need to know


If you're tired of waiting two days in between harvests of your Orchards in FarmVille, there's now a solution: Super Orchards have launched in the game this evening, giving you a chance to upgrade each of your individual, normal Orchards, to be able to hold up to 40 trees, and be harvested daily.

Let's say that again - each Super Orchard holds twice the trees, and can be harvested every day! Even if you just dabble in the world of tree mastery, this is a fabulous opportunity to earn more points, and fast! However, not everything is sunshine and roses concerning this new feature, as there's one touchy element I've left out: the upgrades don't come free, and in fact, they're incredibly expensive!

It doesn't seem as though the FarmVille team at Zynga has decided on a final price, so you may see anything from 95 Farm Cash to 120 Farm Cash as your price for a single Super Orchard upgrade. By clicking on an Orchard and choosing to upgrade it, you're also given the option to upgrade every one of your Orchards simultaneously, but this cost could be astronomical - ranging from a few hundred Farm Cash to tens of thousands of Farm Cash, depending on how many regular Orchards you happen to own.

Personally, I was incredibly excited to see the Super Orchard option launch in my game, but with those high of price tags, and no current way to upgrade these Orchards for free, I'll gladly save my Farm Cash and will get used to the thought of harvesting trees once every two days once again.

Will you / would you ever purchase a Super Orchcard, or do you think the cost is simply too much to ask for "free" Mastery Points. Sound off in the comments!