CityVille Greek and Roman items give your town a Masters in Mythology


I hope you were ready for the Tiki theme in CityVille to end, as it seems to have happened either way. Never fear though mayors! A new theme has launched just as quickly, bringing Greek and Roman items to the game. Most of these items are themed after actual mythology, but with a cute graphical twist. Perhaps the cutest item though isn't even a decoration or a business, but actually changes the look of your citizens as they walk around your town. That's right - Greek Clothing can be purchased for just 1,000 coins, and it places your citizens in cute white and blue togas.

Here's a look at what else has been released this weekend:

  • Trojan Horse (Decoration) - 1,000 coins - 4% bonus payout

  • Kraken Statue (Decoration) - 1,000 coins - 4% bonus payout

  • Colossus Statue (Decoration) - 15 City Cash - 6% bonus payout

  • Medusa's Ruin (Decoration) - 25 City Cash - 14% bonus payout

  • Pantheon (Community Building) - 70 City Cash - allows 2400 more citizens

  • Homer Library (Community Building) - 50 City Cash - allows 1650 citizens

  • House of Ephesus (Home) - 25,000 coins - 200-380 population; 188 coins every four hours in rent

  • Stathatos Mansion (Home) - 70 City Cash - 2,100-4,200 population; 100 coins every hour in rent

  • Hades Grill (Business) - 6,600 coins - 165 Goods; 999 coins in profit

  • Greek Carpenter (Business) - 100,000 coins - 310 Goods; 1670 coins in profit

  • Perseus Statue (Decoration) - 1,000 coins - 4% bonus payout

  • Spartan Soldiers (Decoration) - 15 City Cash - 6% bonus payout

  • Olive Tree (Decoration) - 1,000 coins - 1% bonus payout

As you can see, there's an absolute treasure trove of items to choose from here! Keep in mind though, a lot of these items are limited edition, and will only be available in the game for 3-4 more days. In fact, the Greek Clothing looks to be the only item that won't disappear after that time, so you're definitely on a time schedule for having a shopping spree of your own (or not - that's up to you).

If you need more of an incentive to create a mythological section in your town, keep in mind that these decorative items will offer a bonus payout that's double that of the original bonus if you place them next to other Greek or Roman-themed items. You can check out the items in the store to see the exact figures, but as an example, the Kraken's Statue bonus of 4% jumps to 8% when placed next to other Greek items.

Have fun decorating your town like Ancient Greece and Rome! I know I will!

Which of these items is the most interesting to you? Will you stick with just the coin items, or do you have some City Cash saved up for these community buildings? Sound off in the comments.