CityVille Dam Goals: Everything you need to know


We brought you a sneak peek of CityVille's upcoming Dam feature earlier this month, but now we know that there will be an entire set of goals surrounding the launch of the Dam, thanks to information found by CityVille Goals. These goals reveal quite a bit about the new feature, including its overall purpose: to increase your maximum energy bar. While these goals are still unreleased and could therefore change at any time, here's a best-guess for what we'll be looking at when the Dam launches in the near future.

Power Your City

  • Place your Dam

  • Plant on 15 Plots

Apparently, this Dam will be an incredibly large structure (fittingly, of course), as we're told that we may have to expand our land to place it, but in exchange, we'll receive some free land "once you do." We'd guess that the Dam will likely act as other building objects, requiring various building materials to complete, and once its done, will allow us to raise our maximum amount of energy points over time. Remember, this is still a bit of speculation, but we're doing the best we can on little information.

Get the Dam Working

  • Finish your Dam

  • Supply your Dam

  • Ask for 6 Reflector Units

Here's something that's interesting. Will the Dam be a large business, rather than a community building, or even something unique? We're interested in learning more about why the Dam needs to be "supplied," but perhaps this is a case where we must invest a few energy into the Dam only to receive a massive boost on the other end.

Making Progress

  • Harvest 20 Plots

  • Send out 10 Ships

  • Increase your Energy Cap by three

Apparently, as we continue to use and reuse the Dam, we'll have the opportunity to raise our Energy Point cap by three points to finish this goal, but don't worry - we'll be able to increase it even more in the next goal.

Fill'er Up

  • Collect City Works 2 times

  • Unwither 20 Plots in your friends' cities

  • Increase your Energy Cap by seven

See? I told you the next goal would see an even larger increase in our maximum energy caps. At the end of this goal, we'll apparently reach the end of these Dam Goals, but I wouldn't be surprised if more goals were added to the line in the future. After all, it seems like with the release of the Dam, Zynga has created a feature that will forever be able to sustain the increasing of energy caps, so the CityVille team could just add more layers as they're needed.

Either way, we'll make sure to give you all of the concrete details about the Dam and its goals when it launches in the game in the future. For now though, use these goals as a sort of timeline to plan ahead.

Are you excited about the Dam? Will you use the feature if it means increasing your overall energy cap? Sound off in the comments.

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