CityVille Barley crop will quickly clear out your City Cash reserves


Another limited edition crop has been released in CityVille this week, costing just a bit less City Cash than other limited / premium crops, but still costing enough that you can quickly find yourself in virtual poverty all the same. The crop is Barley, and it can be planted for 4 City Cash per square.

For that price, you'll have (of course) a crop that grows instantly, but you'll only earn 127 Goods per square planted. As a comparison, the Taro crop that's also currently available to plant in the store gives you 158 Goods per 5 City Cash, so whether or not the one City Cash savings is worth the Goods difference will be up to you.

Either way, you'll need to make your decision quickly, as you only have four days to take advantage of this crop's bonuses. It can be mastered, if that increases your desire to plant it, with the first star of mastery coming at just three harvests (you'll also gain a 20% bonus to the Goods you receive from each Barley crop planted thereafter). Three harvests does still equal 12 City Cash though, so please remember to keep the high City Cash cost in mind before diving in!

Do you frequently plant the limited edition crops in CityVille that offer you instant Goods? How many of them have you mastered? Will you plant Barley as well? Let us know in the comments.

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