Cafe World Joe and Lisa Proposal Part 2: Everything you need to know


Earlier this month, Zynga launched the Joe and Lisa Proposal Goal series in Cafe World, allowing us to help poor Joe come up with the courage to ask Lisa to marry him (go on, say "aww!"). Now that we've had more than a week to get the process started, Part 2 of the feature has been released, with a kink being thrown in the plan. Lisa's parents have come into town, and you'll need to first help Joe impress her folks (who happen to love Fondue) before going through with the proposal. This comes in a new seven-part goal series that will reward you with plenty of new Fondue dishes; here's our guide:

Changing Course

  • Place Fondue Station

  • Collect 4 Table Settings

  • Serve 10 Truffled Popcorns

This goal series is another one that may present you with different dishes than those presented in our guide. Apologies all around chefs, but there's no way for us to be able to pinpoint exactly which dish you'll need to cook, but we will try out best to make the rest of the goal series smooth.

Fondue Skidoo

  • Serve 10 Angel Fruit Cake

  • Complete the Fondue Station

  • Collect 6 Cups of Shredded Cheese

As with other goals, you'll know the drill here for collecting the Shredded Cheese; just ask your friends to send some items your way, and you'll eventually finish this task along with all other like it. One small step at a time, I always say.

Ring and a Miss

  • Collect 7 Cheddar Blocks

  • Collect 5 Artichoke Hearts

  • Serve 15 Cocktail Weenies

Uh-Oh Joe

  • Save 20 Artichoke Cheese Fondue

  • Collect 10 Chipotle Peppers

  • Spice 10 Neighbor Stoves

Agony of the Feet

  • Complete Level 1 Mastery of Fiesta Cheese Fondue

  • Collect 10 Chocolate Shavings

  • Complete Level 2 Mastery of Artichoke Cheese Fondue

Joe with the Flow

  • Serve Ginger Ale 18 times

  • Serve Gourmet Blend 18 times

  • Collect 3 Bags of Marshmallows

The Goodbye Girl

  • Collect 3 Plump Berries

  • Collect 9 Orange Slices

  • Complete Level 1 Mastery of Chocolate S'More Fondue

Once these goals finish, we're still not sure exactly what Lisa and Joe's status will be. Has Lisa gone home with her parents, or is her devotion to Joe more important? We'll make sure to keep an eye on this entire event, and will let you know when more steps from us are necessary to move on.

What do you think of these next Joe and Lisa Proposal Goals? Sound off in the comments.