Building the Cafe World Fondue Station: Everything you need to know


Along with a new series of goals in Cafe World's Joe and Lisa Proposal series, the folks at Zynga have also launched a new appliance for us to build in our cafes. This appliance is the Fondue Station, and you'll actually be required to build one to finish off the proposal event and its many goals.

The Fondue Station must be built in the same way as other appliances, by collecting building ingredients with your friends' help. You'll need to collect six Cheese Wheels, six Caquelons (otherwise known as Fondue Pots), eight Dipping Forks and eight Fondue Lamps. Interestingly, the Cheese Wheel is the only one of the four that can be earned via a general news post, while the other three ingredients must be earned by asking your friends individually to help you. Of course, you can also quickly finish this project by filling in the gaps your friends leave behind (that is, once you've already asked folks for help, but perhaps come up short) by spending Cafe Cash (3-4) on each individual item.

Once the Fondue Station has been completed, you'll be able to cook new recipes, based on both Chocolate or Cheese Fondue bases. These dishes are used to complete Part 2 of Joe and Lisa's Proposal Goals, as (in our story) Lisa's parents really love Fondue. That means that the quicker you finish the Fondue Station, the quicker you can finish these goals, so get going!

[Image Credit: Lindt]

What do you think of the Fondue Station in Cafe World? Is your Cafe full of appliances, or is there always room for one more? Sound off in the comments.