Cafe World Bake-Off Goals: Everything you need to know


It's time for a true Bake-Off in Cafe World with a new eight-part goal series available to complete, which will reward you with four new recipes in the process. As you might expect, these goals are full of tasks requiring you to ask your friends for items or even master various recipes, so we're not really met with any surprises. What we do have, though, is a time consuming process that you're better off starting now and working on at your leisure. Here's a complete guide:

The Bake-Off 1

  • Serve Jammin' Jelly Donuts 10 times

  • Serve Angel Fruit Cake 10 times

  • Ask for 8 Bred Pans

And, already, we're being asked to ask our friends for items. At least you can't say I didn't warn you. Either way, the reward for this first goal is the Pastry Table. As this entire goal series is about baking, you'll need to have a Bread Oven and a Pastry Station operating in your cafe, so keep that in mind for these next goals.

The Bake-Off 2

  • Serve Choco-Scotch Clusters 30 times

  • Serve Gem Cake 20 times

  • Ask for 10 Cake Knives

The Bake-Off 3

  • Serve Summer Fruit Cake once

  • Serve Angel Slices 45 times

  • Ask for 8 Cocoa Beans

Remember, if you're having trouble completing any of these cooking tasks, you can use spices to speed up the process, or you can even use servings that you've saved in your Gift Box to really boost the progress along. For finishing this goal, you'll receive the Cocoa Croissants recipe, which you'll need in this next goal.

The Bake-Off 4

  • Master Cocoa Croissants to Level 1

  • Serve Zynga Dog Cake once

  • Ask for 12 Frosting Tubes

The Zynga Dog Cake comes from your Pastry Station, while these many ingredient items like the Frosting Tubes can be earned through asking your friends to send them to you.

The Bake-Off 5

  • Master Cocoa Croissants to Level 3

  • Serve Wedding Cake 3 times

  • Ask for 10 Bags of Batter

You'll earn another free recipe here: the Apple Friendship Bread.

The Bake-Off 6

  • Master Apple Friendship Bread to Level 1

  • Serve 40 Vegas Buffets

  • Ask for 6 Bread Pans

Remember, use spices or serve extra dishes from your Gift Box in order to speed this process along. The cooking tasks will only become more time consuming as these goals roll on, so you'll likely want to use every piece of help you can get.

The Bake-Off 7

  • Master Apple Friendship Bread to Level 2

  • Serve 40 Biscuits of Tomorrow

  • Ask for 10 Cake Knives

The Bake-Off 8

  • Master Apple Friendship Bread through Level 3

  • Serve 80 Macaroni and Cheese

  • Ask for 10 Bags of Batter

Finally, we've reached the end of this goal series, and you'll be rewarded for one more recipe for making it this far. Completing this goal gives you the Blueberry Streusel Cobbler. At least here, you can master the dish at your leisure, without having to worry about a goal that needs to be completed (at least ... yet).

What do you think of this Bake-Off goal series? Are you overwhelmed with long goal series like these, or do you appreciate always having something to do when you login to your Cafe? Sound off in the comments.Add Comment.

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