Unreal Estate: 800-Year-Old Skeleton Lives in Swedish House

Each week, AOL Real Estate probes the corners of the Web to bring you offbeat dispatches from the world of real estate. This week: stories of creepy things that you really don't want to live with, including an 800-year-old skeleton in the cellar, a corpse in the chimney and 700 cats anywhere.

According to an AP report, a Swedish real estate agent has an unusual piece of property up for sale: a five-bedroom house, complete with medieval tomb and skeleton in the cellar.

Typically, real estate agencies choose to downplay--or even conceal--creepy characteristics of a home. Not in this case. The agent is openly disclosing the presence of the home's 800-year-old tenant.

The central Visby town house house, on the Baltic Sea island of Gotland, was built in 1750 on the foundations of an old Russian church that dates back to the 13th Century. The kitchen lies on the presbytery, and the tomb containing the skeleton -- visible through a glass panel--is in the cellar.

The real estate agency's owner Leif Bertwig says there is no reason to be afraid, as the skeleton "lies in consecrated soil and rests in peace."

We can't say the same for another man's remains recently discovered in Louisiana. They'd gone missing for 27 years until being discovered in the chimney of Abbeville National Bank by a contractor. According to an ABC News report, the bones were recovered during a renovation in May but only recently have tests shown them to be the remains of Joseph Schexnider, who disappeared in 1984 at the age of 26. "This was absolutely the first chimney recovery we had ever had," said the head of the lab where the tests were conducted. As for how the young man ended up in the chimney, she added, "no one will ever know."

But it's pretty clear why Florida couple Pennie and Steven Lefkowitz originally started amassing felines: They wanted to save them from euthanasia. However, the "well-intentioned" couple got in "way, way, way over their head," State Attorney Bill Cervone told The Gainesville Sun. The two recently had 700 cats seized from their animal shelter and were charged with 47 counts of animal cruelty. The Humane Society of the United States calls it "the largest case of cat hoarding the organization has ever seen," according to the North Florida Herald.

While this next pet-lover isn't a hoarder, she may still have some 'splainin to do to authorities -- if she really exists, that is. Business Insider has the tale of Wendy, a poster on Craigslist who advertised her apartment in Hoboken, N.J., with one snapping catch: The place has a resident alligator as a roommate. The ad claims the gator is toothless and must receive treatment due to injuries sustained in fights with some scaled toughs at the zoo. Putting up with a prehistoric reptile isn't the only condition of the place, though: candidates must be nonsmokers. In a recent turn of events, "a person who wishes to remain anonymous" claims she or he put up the post as a hoax. Punk'd!


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