Pioneer Trail Cheats and Tips: Where them thar Hidden Missions at?

The Pioneer Trail
The Pioneer Trail

Shoooot, so we finally found them Hidden Mission locations. Goodie, 'cause I been hankerin' for some more challenges! (Alright, I'm done. How did they keep up that accent back in the day?) The Pioneer Trail in FrontierVille (sort of) is an adventure filled with all sorts of secrets to keep you playing over and over again.

The Hidden Missions appear after certain Goals are completed, and on specific areas on each map, though they may change position with each playthrough. However, we're here to ruin the adventure make sure you hit every single piece of content made available to you with this guide for where and how to find every Hidden Mission in the game, thanks to CE Gamers. Enjoy being spoiled immensely:

Beaver Valley

Case of the Curious Torticoon

  • Must complete Travails of a Travellin' Trader Goal

  • Appears over a Torticoon (usually near the first river)

Blackberry Pickin'

  • Must complete Travails of a Travellin' Trader Goal

  • Appears over a Blackberry Bush (usually seen up north on the map)

Beavery Valley Hidden Mission
Beavery Valley Hidden Mission

Purdy Purdy Pignuts

  • Must complete Blazin' Campfire Goal

  • Appears over an Owl Tree (usually found past the first bridge)

Missin Home

  • Must complete Dysentery Danger! Goal

  • Appears over a Wild Lupine (Plains grass with purple flowers)

Turkeys Gone Wild

  • Must complete Who Wants Gumbo Stew Goal

  • Appears over a Turkey (use your Hunter to make one appear)

Who Wants Pie

  • Must complete Dysentery Danger! Goal

  • Appears over a Pecan Tree (found clustered near rocks and other trees)

Lost Lil' Bucky

  • Must complete Dysentery Danger! Goal

  • Appears over a "Baby" Beaver by the river (likely appears near the second river)

High Plains

Wild Rice and Persimmon Puddin'

  • Must complete Pickin' Up The Pieces Goal

  • Appears over a Persimmon Tree (trees with orange fruits)

Prairie Doggin'

  • Must complete Pickin' up the Pieces Goal

  • Appears over a Prairie Dog Burrow (appear as half-submerged and very angry)

Stocking the Root Cellar

  • Must complete Giant Raging Inferno

  • Appears over Wild Rice (appears as yellow stalks on the Trail)

Stockin Up The McBaggins Homestead

  • Must complete the McBaggins Well

  • Appears over a Lavender (look somewhat like Wild Lupine from Beaver Valley)

Gifts for Back Home

  • Must complete Giant Ragin' Inferno

  • Appears over a Wild Strawberry (think Blackberry Bushes with red berries)

Skunkadillo Rumors

  • Must complete Not the Sheep Pa! Goal

  • Appears over a Skunkadillo (could you really mess a black and white, shelled skunk?)

Avalanche Pass

Gonner Pass Dinner Party

  • Must complete Avalanche! Goal

  • Appears over a Red Trillium (a small, almost poinsettia-like flower)

Apple Squeezins

  • Must Complete Busted Wagon Goal

  • Appears over a Crab Apple Tree (grow near other trees, stand out easily)

Missin' Home

  • Must complete Fixin' The Storm Shelter Goal

  • Appears over a Blueberry Bush (Blackberry Bushes with, again, another different color)

Missing Lynx

  • Must complete Build a Plunger Goal

  • Appears over a Snowy Rock

What Big Feet You Have

  • Must complete Trail Feast Goal

  • Appears over the Manzanita (short, almost bonsai-like, green-leafed tree)

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Now that you know where every Hidden Mission is in the game, are you ready to take them head on? Did we spoil any big surprises for you? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.