Game of the Day: Fade

fade game of the day
You've lived your whole life as a color blind llama, but today will be the day you see in color. Destined to enjoy the vibrant world, the faithful llama takes off, running and jumping over cliffs and obstacles. The faster the llama runs, the more colors you can see!

Seeing in color isn't easy for a color blind llama. You'll have to upgrade your acceleration, jump height, and more, to achieve the top speed required. But as you'll soon find it was all worth it. After seeing the beauty of the llama's world, you'll never want to live in the dark again.

Click here to play Fade!

fade game of the dayfade game of the day
Pro Tips:
  • Don't give up early. It takes a while to get enough points for upgrades at first, but once you have a few, the game really takes off.
  • Focus on purchasing a couple of acceleration upgrades first, that way you'll be able to get further faster, netting you more points to spend.
  • Once you unlock double jump, use it sparingly as a tool of last resort. If you only use it when absolutely necessary, you should be able to fill the world with color in no time.

Click here to play Fade!

What do you think of Fade? Where you able to fill the llama's world with color?
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