Pioneer Trail Tips: Everything you need to know about Rations

Pioneer Trail Rations
Pioneer Trail Rations

FrontierVille has officially become the Pioneer Trail, which has raised quite a bit of questions surrounding how things are done on the Trail. We first (hopefully) answered your questions about friends and how your friendships are handled in the new game.

Now, we're here to tell you about Rations, the new resource in Pioneer Trail that has players hungry for more and little knowledge of where to find them. But no more! Here is everything you need to know about Rations:

What are Rations?
This is the new resource in Pioneer Trail that controls for how long you can play the game without having to stop or pay more cash. Of course, it does refill over time (at a rate of one every few minutes), but there are other ways to increase your supply of Rations. Actually, the system acts a lot like Energy does in the original FrontierVille, but there are more factors that contribute to your amount of available Rations.

Rations for sale
Rations for sale

How do I get more of them?
We know, you need "MOAR." Hold you horses, pardner, because the best way to increase your Rations is to make some friends. Each time out on the Trail, you have the option to bring three reliable, dedicated friends along with you--and you better make sure that you do. Each of the three friends will provide you with an additional five Rations to your maximum-allowed amount. Since you begin with 10 max Rations, a party filled with three friends would increase that to 25, a boon to your time on the Trail.

In addition to adding more to your max Rations, friends will drop 5 Rations for you whenever they visit you, which can be up to just a few times daily. And when you visit friends, you'll have a bit of your Rations restored, too. In this regard, Rations are a lot like Energy, but benefit from visitations far more than Energy does.

Of course, you can always just ask your friends for more of them when the button appears under your empty Ration meter on the top of the screen. Trader Bart also has plenty of Ration packages for sale, but they'll cost ya Horseshoes. When you run out of Horseshoes, Bart will appear to you, offering some for Horseshoes or for you to ask your friends.

Pioneer Trail Wagon
Pioneer Trail Wagon

How do I use them?
When you receive Rations as part of your reward for visiting your friends on the Trail, those will be automatically posted to your total Rations. This also goes for buying Rations from Bart via Horseshoes. But when you pick up Rations from friends who visit you on the Trail, they will appear in your Wagon Inventory. Those gifted to you from friends will also appear in your Wagon Inventory, which can hold more items as you upgrade it.

*Remember that you have a Homestead that still uses the Energy system, so remember that you can go back there to spend time using that resource while the other refills. Only then can you maximize your time in FrontierVill--err--the Pioneer Trail.

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