Jobs Seekers Beware: 6 Red Flags To Avoid

job search mistakes errors
job search mistakes errors

Searching for a job is never easy, but in this economy the challenges facing job seekers have never been greater. The jobless rate remained stuck at 9 percent in mid-August and a significant percentage of Americans -- 9.2 percent -- are working merely part time even though they desire full-time work, according to tracking data released Wednesday by Gallup.

Most of the data contained within Gallup's latest survey showed little change from last month or even from August 2010. Another useful measure is underemployment -- the number of workers who are either unemployed or working part time but seeking full-time work. In mid-August, 18.2 percent of Americans could be considered underemployed, Gallups says. That's statistically little changed from July's 18 percent or the 18.3 percent recorded in August a year ago.