Get Kim Kardashian's Assets for Free: Tips From Her Trainer


The same exercise Kim Kardashian is doing to sculpt her derriere for Saturday's wedding to NBA star Kris Humphries is the same one you can do for next to nothing.

Kathy Kaehler, Kardashian's personal trainer and co-author of the book Mom Energy, out Sept. 1, shared with The Price of Fame the low-budget fitness secrets of Kardashian and other clients Julia Roberts and Kim Basinger. All you need is a deck of cards, a chair, and a piece of tape.

Considering that gym memberships average up to $600 a year and top-rated home treadmills start at $990, that's a deal.

Kaehler and her famous charges have already saved you $1,590. Your biggest investment is sweat.

Let's move on to the movements.

Kim Kardashian, the deep forward/backward lunge:

Kardashian has a love-hate relationship with deep lunges, Kaehler said. Hates doing them. Loves feeling the work she's put into her thighs and celebrated booty the next day. This is where the deck of cards comes in. No, you won't be taking a break to play solitaire. You'll hold anywhere between 10 to 25 cards in one hand to count down the repetitions. Keeping your back foot stationary, take a giant step forward with the other foot while bending the front knee and lowering the body to the ground. Deal one card to the ground. Then step backward, keeping the back same foot in place, with an exaggerated stride, again bending your front knee and lowering your body to the ground. Place another card on the ground. Keep stepping forward and backward until all the cards are gone. Then switch legs. Asked if the reality show sensation was using the lunge in her pre-nuptials routine to look good in her Vera Wang wedding dress, Kaehler answered, "I guarantee you she is."

Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts, the triceps dips:

Roberts, the Pretty Woman star who won an Oscar for Erin Brockovich, doesn't act like she loves triceps dips, Kaehler said. But there's no denying the results. A bench or the seat of a stable chair will do. Grab the edge of the chair with both hands. With legs straight and feet touching the ground, lift yourself out and slightly in front of the chair. Lower yourself by bending your elbows, and push yourself back up. Do two to three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions. "The result is, you are working the triceps backs of the arm, so when you wave, your arm doesn't continue to wave when you stop," Kaehler said. "It's good for celebs walking the red carpet."

Focus Features
Focus Features

Kim Basinger, the tape hop:

You were wondering about the tape, weren't you? Kaehler devised this killer for when the Oscar-winning Basinger is on a movie set. Lay a four-foot strip of masking tape on a forgiving floor surface such as wood or carpet. Set a timer for 60 seconds. Hop with both feet back and forth over the tape. "You'd be amazed how quickly your heart rate goes up," Kaehler said. Well-trained athletes can shoot for 60 repetitions. Which brings us to the fine print if you're not well-trained: Always consult with a doctor if you're not sure you can handle any of the above.

Then get ready to work out like the A-list for a whole lot less.