FarmVille Wildlife Mystery Box: What's inside?


With tonight's FarmVille update (including the new Wildlife Habitat), we've also seen the re-release of a set of animals via a new Wildlife Mystery Box. These animals will be available for the next 37 days as part of the box's release in the store, but you'll never know which one you are going to find inside. Each box costs 20 Farm Cash, and luckily for you, we've got a list of the animals you can expect:

  • Buffalo

  • Mole

  • Purple Frog

  • Weasel

  • White Buck

  • Wolverine

Again, there's no way to predict which of the six animals you'll earn, although you are guaranteed one of them for the price. That is, if you don't already own any of them, it really wouldn't hurt to throw 20 Farm Cash at this box if you're interested; however, if you do have one or two from previous boxes or Mystery Games, the risk would of course be greater. Either way, buying one is voluntary, so feel free to skip this Wildlife Mystery Box entirely if the animals don't interest you.

Do you already have any of these animals on your farm? Which of the six would you be most interested in winning from the box? Would you buy these animals for Farm Cash individually, if you didn't have to take the risk of ending up with a duplicate? Let us know in the comments.