FarmVille Wildlife Habitat: Everything you need to know


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A fairly large new feature has launched in FarmVille this evening in the form of a Wildlife Habitat. Using these new buildings (which you can own multiples of), you'll be able to store 20 "wild" animals each. Sure, animal storage is great, but you won't be able to unlock this new storage without working for it. You'll be given the base to your first Wildlife Habitat for free the next time you log into the game, and from there, will be required to collect 30 building ingredients to finish it off:

  • 10 Fence Posts

  • 10 Shrubs

  • 10 Grazing Grass

You'll have a few methods available for finding these items. You can purchase them for Farm Cash, send them as free gifts with the hope that friends will send them back, or send requests to your friends to have them help you out from the start. As for Special Delivery Boxes, I personally opened up over 60 boxes, and didn't receive one ingredient, so you might save those for the time being.

Once the Wildlife Habitat is finished, you will be given a Porcupine for free, and will have a building that can store animals like Minks, Beavers, Dall Sheep, Frogs and more. There are currently 12 pages (six animals each page) of animals available to store in Wildlife Habitats (again, you can own more than one, since that's more than the current limit of 20 animals per habitat), and you'll be able to see all of the animals by looking inside your Wildlife Habitat. Animals that you have inside will show up in their bright colors, while animals that aren't inside but technically can be stored are in a shadowed form.

Aside from storage, the main purpose of the Wildlife Habitat is in offering you a chance to earn free Mystery Babies each time you harvest it. The Wildlife Habitat technically replaces the Animal Trough on your land, so this breeding feature will now make use of all of your excess Animal Feed (thereby making it relevant again). Note: Though you're losing the Animal Trough, you are given a free Reindeer and six units of Animal Feed as a consolation from Zynga for the mandatory removal.

Each time your Wildlife Habitat is ready to harvest, you'll be able to click on it to harvest all animals inside. The more animals you have inside, the greater chance you have of making a baby. You only need one of each animal to breed, rather than pairs, but only some of the possibly stored animals can be bred at this time (we've been told that more breeding options will become available in the future). If you're lucky enough to receive a Mystery Baby, you'll be able to place it on your land similar to placing a Mystery Seedling or baby Piglet or Lamb. You'll then use Animal Feed to help it grow. The color of the baby's pouch signals the Baby's rarity, with pink meaning you've received a rare animal, and blue (apparently the color is now green) signifying a common animal.

Simply feed enough Animal Feed to each baby, and it will grow into an adult animal that can be placed inside the Wildlife Habitat to master and continue the cycle. We've been told that this Wildlife Habitat is just the first of six new animal breeding buildings that are coming soon, so make sure to stock up on plenty of these before we're hit with another building and feature!

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What do you think of the new Wildlife Habitat? Are you sad to see the Animal Feed Trough leave the game? Will you try to master and breed each of these wild animals? Sound off in the comments.

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