FarmVille Wildlife Animals include re-releases from past themes for Animal Mastery


With the launch of Animal Mastery in FarmVille, you might be kicking yourself for not purchasing certain limited edition animals when they were originally available. While Zynga has already released several horses and cows to help you expand your collection with these formerly retired animals, if you're into some that are a bit more "unique," you're now in luck as the developer has re-released eight animals from previous themes under the new "Wild Life" theme heading.

Here's a complete look at the animals that are once again available (and once again only for a limited time - seven days, to be exact):

  • Bison - 24 Farm Cash

  • Skunk - 22 Farm Cash

  • Beaver - 27 Farm Cash

  • Granny Wolf - 22 Farm Cash

  • Caribou - 27 Farm Cash

  • Jackalope - 27 Farm Cash

  • Lynx - 24 Farm Cash

  • Bobcat - 30 Farm Cash

While none of these animals are exactly bargains, these high prices are what we'll have to accept for the second chance at eventually earning these particular animal Mastery Signs. If we pass on these animals a second time, it's unlikely we'll see them again (at least in the near future), so keep that in mind. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to sit and ponder over whether these animals are worth my hard-earning Farm Cash.

Have you been waiting for any of these animals to be re-released in the game? Will you purchase all of them just for their Mastery Signs, or did you already purchase them before Animal Mastery was launched in the game? Sound off in the comments.