FarmVille: Flying Squirrel available for Farm Cash


A new animal has been quietly released to the FarmVille marketplace, with this animal actually looking to be a permanent addition to the game's store, coming without any sort of branding or limited edition time limit. The Flying Squirrel costs 16 Farm Cash, which isn't exactly cheap, but remember: if it's available for life, you'll have plenty of time to save up enough cash to purchase one (or ten - just look at that face!).

As for the Squirrel's stats, you'll be able to harvest from them once every four days, which makes mastery a slow process. Luckily, the first star of mastery comes after just two harvests, so at least it seems like the FarmVille development team has taken the long harvest time into account here. Additionally, you'll receive 1600 experience points for purchasing the Flying Squirrel, as if we needed any extra incentive to actually purchase one.

Again, this animal looks to be a permanent add-on to the store, but you can find it front and center on the first page of the Animals section of the store when it is set to its default sorting. While this makes me think it might be a mistake that it isn't branded as limited edition, we'll just chalk that up to a deliberate design choice for now. I'll let you know if that changes in the future.

Will you purchase a Flying Squirrel for your farm(s)? Have you started spending more Farm Cash on animals now that Animal Mastery has been launched? Let us know in the comments.