FarmVille Pic of the Day: Lou Martell's picture perfect farm

farmville featured farm lou martell
farmville featured farm lou martell

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Though today's featured farm looks rather simple, artist Lou Martell's design contains an epic secret. Despite it's rather straightforward appearance, this farm is actually one of the most ridiculous arboricultural FarmVille undertakings I've ever seen. You can't disagree, the effect is breathtaking. And it certainly puts Tony1245's similar design to shame...sorry Tony :)

Folks, this picture perfect farm is even more impressive than last time's farm-eating dragon, and I'll explain why. Carefully look at the edges of the farm. That's right, those are orchards, as in the buildings you have to assemble out of parts you get from your friends. The trees in the middle? Look how closely stacked those are; they're in orchards too. Lou Martell's farm design incorporates hundreds of orchards to create the incredible effects visible here. And that's not even mentioning Lou Martell's massive, perfectly-organized tree collection. You may have thought this farm was pretty ordinary, but in reality this farm took far more work than even the most complex hay bale art.

Here's what farm artist Lou Martell had to say about this masterpiece:

What inspired your creative farm design?
I like designs and patterns. I really enjoy the trees from farmville and thought it would look cool to line them up in orchards to create the farm I now have.
Do you have any awesome decorating tips to share?
Just go with what your eye see and what you like. Play around with different arrangements of shapes and colors. In the end, it's your farm and should be something that you like and enjoy!

How long did it take you to complete the design?
Months and months!! I had to build over 600 orchards, as well as gather and harvest thousands of different trees. And then FarmVille is always coming out with new trees, so I'm always thinking about changing a row of trees to one of the new trees to give it a different look; so in a sense it's still not finished :D

Wow. You heard it here folks, months of work and the farm still isn't done. Keep up the good work Lou Martell!

What do you think of Lou Martell's picture perfect farm?

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