FarmVille Fairy Garden Items: Magic Orange Tree, Fairy Pony, Hill House and more


Are you enjoying the Fairy Garden theme in FarmVille? I hope so, because even more items have been added to the theme this evening via a store update. There are two new trees, some animals, buildings, decorations, and even an avatar clothing item to look at here. Here's a complete look at the newly available items:


Magic Orange Tree - 7 Farm Cash
Giant Magic Orange Tree - 15 Farm Cash

When they're ready to harvest, these trees actually glow as the oranges peek out from the green leaves. If you haven't guessed, the Giant Magic Orange Tree can be earned from Mystery Seedlings for free, so I'd suggest skipping out on a purchase of that one.


Fairy Cow - 24 Farm Cash
Fairy Pony - 28 Farm Cash


Hill House - 30 Farm Cash
Pine Cone House - 25 Farm Cash


Flowery Birdbath - 100,000 coins
Tree Arch - 2 Farm Cash
Magic Owl - 18 Farm Cash
Magic Flowerbed - 4,000 coins

For these decorative items, pay special attention to the Magic Owl, as it's bright purple in color, and the Magic Flowerbed, which has glowing flowers similar to the Magic Orange Tree above. Sure, these items might not be realistic in the slightest, but they're pretty cool looking, which is all I really ask for.

Avatar Clothing

Fairy Dress (Blue) - 5 Farm Cash

This dress comes with fairy wings, and is cheaper than the other Fairy Dresses released previously, which are in a flower-theme.

All of these items will be available in the game's store for the next two weeks. While there aren't many coin-only items here, remember that the Fairy animals can be mastered, which does give their hefty price tags a bit more merit (not that they would've cost less before Animal Mastery, but I digress). Just remember to browse through these items sooner, rather than later, before you forget entirely (or is that just me?).

What do you think of tonight's Fairy Garden item release? Sound off in the comments.