Empires & Allies Sneak Peek: Defense Towers become Attack Towers?

Empires & Allies Defense TowersIt looks like Defense Towers might be more interesting of an Empires & Allies feature than previously thought. New images of the recently-revealed towers have surfaced, and show that there will be a variety of towers. The reason we say "Attack Towers" is because these varieties in particular sport some deadly-looking weapons.

While the images are incredibly small, and almost look like Goal icons, they reveal quite a bit about at least what this feature will be packaged as. In addition to the standard tower, there is a wooden one with a soldier atop it wielding a Gatling gun, a stone-looking one with a unit brandishing a rifle of sorts and an alternate version of the original with someone ready to fire what looks like a laser weapon. (Or not, but let us have our wild dreams.)

These could easily be decorative versions of the same tower, but why would Zynga waste the time drawing them up? Our most educated hopeful guess is that these other towers will function differently. It would be interesting if the Attack Towers did damage to your invading enemies, no? Blew them to smithereens? Totally.
Defense Tower varieties

[Source and Image Credit: Empires & Allies Base]

Are you more excited about the Defense Towers now that there might be new functions attached to them? What do you hope these new towers will do, specifically? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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