Tic-Tac-Bacon: Xtra-Crispy makes Facebook 100 percent cooler

Tic-Tac-Bacon: Xtra Crispy
Tic-Tac-Bacon: Xtra Crispy

At this point, only bacon could make Facebook even more "hip" than it is now. Facebook's wishes for global popularity and awesomeness have potentially been fulfilled with the announcement of Tic-Tac-Bacon: Xtra-Crispy for Facebook. The self-proclaimed first game surrounding the (debatable) best breakfast meat ever by developer Cerulean Games, Tic-Tac-Bacon is also headed to iOS and Android devices with eventual plans to also release on the Google+ platform.

"Many games have featured bacon, but this is the first to be completely about bacon", says Cerulean Games CEO and founder Dave Calabrese. "We wanted to give fans of meat-candy the opportunity to play a game that will entice their minds just as much as their need for delicious, crispy flavors."

That's kind of the only argument he needs, but went on to reveal that the game will launch with a baconized version of tic-tac-toe and will be updated through packages with baconized (that better catch on) varieties of Go, Backgammon, and Checkers. And they all just needed a little bacon to become relevant in the digital age again, apparently.


Well, we should also mention that the bacon could be in scrumptiousfull 3D, given that Cerulean Games is using the Unity Engine, according to a release. (Look, 3D and bacon ... do I need to day more?) Alright, so that's about all we know at this point, and frankly it's all we need to know. When Tic-Tac-Bacon launches this fall, we recommend pairing it with a crisp bacon martini. Simply. Delish.

How psyched are you for a bacon Facebook game on a scale of 10 to 11 (10 being awesome and 11 being hella' awesome)? But really, could bacon be the next big thing in gaming like it was to ... everything else? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.