Zynga slapped with yet another patent infringement suit over its games

Zynga LawsuitZynga is officially the proverbial guy who wins the lottery and suddenly "reunites" with hundreds of long-lost friends. Only those old friends are angry, money-hungry companies and the "reunions" have been swapped for nasty lawsuits. Zynga faces yet another patent infringement lawsuit, this time from Agincourt Gaming, seemingly the publisher of Pantheon, a greco-roman combat game on Facebook (pictured below).

Sun Herald reports that, according to allegations made by Agincourt Gaming, Zynga has violated two patents held by the company regarding credits-based online gaming since 1996. (You know, the model used by every Facebook game ever?) The company, who just recently entered the Facebook games biz, seeks monetary damages and a permanent injunction against Zynga that shut down several of its games.

More specifically, Agincourt Gaming named FarmVille, FishVille, PetVille, YoVille, Zynga Poker, Empires & Allies, Mafia Wars, Treasure Isle, FrontierVille, CityVille, Cafe World and Vampire Wars. In other words, all of Zynga's games (that matter) have been put under fire. According to Sun Herald the lawsuit also alleges that Zynga has a history of copying smaller developers' game ideas.

Pantheon on Facebook
Zynga knows the issue rather intimately, considering the company has been smacked with multiple infringement lawsuits over the past few months. Companies like Vostu, SocialApps and even The Learning Company have approached Zynga, which is said to be worth over $11.5 billion. Clearly this has become a growing trend for the global developer, but when or if Zynga will finally bite the bullet and respond to these claims is what we're all really waiting for.

Do you think Agincourt has a case against Zynga with its patents? Do you think Zynga will ever directly respond to the claims made that it copies game ideas? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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