Tatty Teddy Facebook game gets super cute website for wider audience

Me to You My Place fan page logo
Me to You My Place fan page logo

Chocked full of adorable mini-games, cute critters, soothing music, and positive vibes all-around, Sharkius' Games family-friendly Me to You: My Place finally has its own website, which is open to players of all ages.

This was a smart move by the game's publisher, Carte Blanche Greetings, because regardless of a game's content, Facebook and federal policies impose an age limit that only allows those 13 years-old and up to join.

On top of that, Me to You: My Place has had very limited success on Facebook, since its launch last December, though player reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Due to its collection of mini-games, Me to You: My Place is heavily reminiscent of zSlide's Treasure Madness (which preceded Zynga's Treasure Isle).

Basically, you play Tatty Teddy (the star of Carte Blanche Greetings' huge stuffed animals franchise, Me to You Bears) as he rescues his Blue Nosed Friends in a fantasy world. You do this by clicking on tiles to find said friends and to hunt for treasure. Doing so, puts you face-to-face with a random mini-game.

Me to You My Place Fruits Fusion is like Wooga's Diamond Dash
Me to You My Place Fruits Fusion is like Wooga's Diamond Dash

The ones I've encountered are Dilly's Dash (a simple platform jumping game à la Robot Unicorn Attack), Snowdrop's Bubble Hop (which is definitely inspired by Winterbells), Sky Writing (a speed typing game), Maths Magic (a basic arithmetic game), and Fruits Fusion (think Wooga's Diamond Dash). The best thing about these mini-games is there are actually high score boards in each one, so you can compare how well you're doing with other players.

The rest of the game involves caring for the animal friends you've rescued until they become your eternal BFFs, which will make them part of your friend collection. This includes fulfilling point-and-click activities and growing crops to feed them with.


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