Empires & Allies Sneak Peek: The War Room will usher in global PvP

Empires Allies Defense Tower
Empires Allies Defense Tower

Demand and you shall receive. Players have often called for open player vs player (PvP) combat since Empires & Allies released months ago, and finally they will get their wish with the War Room. This upcoming feature will allow Zynga to match players around the world with hapless empires to invade regardless of whether the two are Facebook friends. In other words, your selection of targets to crush will soon reach far beyond your friends.

Another upcoming feature Zynga teased were Defense Towers (pictured). At the moment, players can choose to go neutral for a few hours to protect their empires from enemy invasion, but these buildings will apply that effect to specific locations. For instance, a Defense Tower can be placed as a "last ditch defense when the enemy attacks," according to Zynga. It looks like these will be full-on buildings that need to be constructed and staffed, so it's going to take some work to see these defensive boons in action.

While Zynga points out that this information is tentative, I seriously doubt the developer would tout a feature as big as global PvP only to can it later. If you're interested in having a say in how these exciting new features are implemented, check out this forum thread.

[Image Credit: Zynga]

Are you psyched about Global PvP coming to E&A? How do you think Zynga should handle the new feature, and what are your thoughts on Defense Towers? Sound of in the comments. Add Comment.