Turkish bank earns 500k fans by offering Facebook games

Akbank social mediaThese days, many companies are turning to Facebook games as a way of connecting with and building their audience (e.g. Channel 4's Beauty Town). But one pioneering company, a Turkish bank called Akbank, is really throwing themselves into their official Facebook page.

As of this writing, Akbank's Facebook page has 508,397 fans. The bank itself has 913 branches serving 8 million customers, and they've been managing a total of 15 social media accounts between Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They've also created 5 Facebook applications, some of which, are games promoting their brand.

One of these games, Kur Yönet, which translates into "Managethe Exchange Rate", allows users to build a virtual factory that involves everything from production to marketing to R&D. All banking, of course, is handled by the Akbank branch within the game.
Akbank Kur Yönet Facebook game
Another game, Kırmızı'nın Peşinde or "The Pursuit of the Red", is based on Pac-Man and comes with a super dramatic game trailer (shown below). Your characters run around each level collecting personal needs (e.g. education, vacation, home renovations). Ads are shown in-between level changes.

Aside from these two, there's also been a music trivia page offering free concert tickets that was targeted at the youth, a gift cards giveaway page on applying for personal loans, and another trivia game involving current events in Turkish history that later tells players how much money they could've made if only they opened a Cumulative Mutual Fund account on a certain date. These are all a bit of a stretch, but Akbank seems completely devoted to pushing their brand, wherever, whenever, and however possible. Moreover, it appears that all their efforts have paid off.

[Source: The Financial Brand]
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