Poll: The Sims Social is back online (for some), how about you?

Sims Social back online
Sims Social back online

While it is cliche, there's really no other way to put it: Sims fans, rejoice! It looks like EA and Playfish London have made good on their promise, as The Sims Social appears to be back online for us here in the Aol Games office. (Not to mention I've seen some of my friends in the game, too.)

EA was quick to bring the game down when it launched last week with numerous performance and access issues, and was equally as quick to point out that The Sims Social is in "open beta." Days later, the developer issued an email to all registered players--after silence on its Facebook fan page, mind you--apologizing for the inconvenience and reiterating the fact that it is in open beta testing.

More importantly, EA and Playfish said that part of the game's recovery process open beta test was to let players into The Sims Social gradually. And, here we are, directing our Sims to do nearly whatever we damn well please once again. And with much glee, might we add. (Seriously, despite a terribly unfavorable launch, this is one impressive Facebook game.)

However, if players are gradually being reintroduced to The Sims Social, the perhaps some have still unfortunately been left behind. And with that, we ask you, the ever-so-patient players:

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