Pioneer Trail High Plains Goals: Everything you need to know

Pioneer Trail High Plains Goals
Pioneer Trail High Plains Goals

By now you've traversed the Beaver Valley, helped Trader Bart with his wagon and fixed the bridge. You should be proud that you've restored the land of beavers and ... torticoons (?) to order, but there's much to be done in FrontierVille's Pioneer Trail. Even worse, the Gratchett Gang is still on the loose with that little tike Ezekiel.

The next portion of the Pioneer Trail is the High Plains, and it introduces some interesting new elements to how the game is played, not to mention a slew of new Goals to complete. So, let's git-r-done (sorry, that's about as southwestern as I get):

High Plains

  • Complete 6 Hidden/Bonus Missions

  • Complete 5 Story Scrolls

  • Complete all Travel Quests to reach the end of High Plains

This is the overarching Travel Goal for the entire High Plains area. Hidden Missions are found through blue exclamation points, and usually hover above points of interest like new animals or plants. (The lot of Hidden Missions are found below.) Story Scrolls are found by clicking on things with your own character, so remember to do things yourself whenever possible. You will also need to complete every major Goal in this area to move on.

Pioneer Trail McBaggins House
Pioneer Trail McBaggins House

Picking up the Pieces

  • Collect 10 Water from Damp Ground

  • Have 10 Medicine in your wagon

  • Whack the McBaggins House 5 times

The Damp Ground is likely the same as any other piece of debris, so just use your main character to do so. To find Medicine, use your Doctor to harvest bushes, trees and other things to cause Doctor Bags to appear. Collected Medicine automatically appears in your wagon, and will be consumed for this Goal. Once you arrive the the McBaggins' home, just click on it five times. For completing this Goal, you will earn 185 Trail Points, 100 XP and five Prize Tickets.

Pioneer Trail Buzzards
Pioneer Trail Buzzards

Scarin' Buzzards

  • Scare 10 Buzzards using your Hunter

  • Start 2 Hidden/Bonus Missions

  • Ask your friends for 15 Emergency Provisions

To use your Hunter, click on either your Hunter in the game screen or their portrait beneath. Then, just click on 10 Buzzards until they're scared away. Use the "Ask Friends" button to, well, ask your friends for Emergency Provisions. Your reward for finishing this Goal is 550 trail points, 100 XP and 20 Prize Tickets.

Shelter from the Storm

  • Have 10 Meat in your wagon

  • Have 11 Medicine in your wagon

  • Collect the daily bonus from the McBaggins House

To collect Meat, use your Hunter to click on trees, debris and bushes to cause wild animals to appear. If a cross hair appears when you hover your mouse over them, click on them to collect some Meat. After fixing the McBaggins House, which requires the items pictured below, collect from it like any other house on the homestead. Enjoy 185 trail points, 100 XP and 5 Prize Tickets for completing this Goal.

McBaggina House fixing items
McBaggina House fixing items

The McBaggins Well

  • Use your Hunter to clear 15 Tall Grass

  • Use your Carpenter to chop White Oak trees 20 times

  • Ask for 15 Prairie Rain Dancers

To use your Carpenter, click on his portrait or character model, and then on Oak trees. Remember, most trees require multiple chops, and each one counts. Use the "Ask Friends" button to acquire 15 Prairie Rain Dancers. For finishing these tasks, 550 Trail Points, 100 XP and 20 Prize Tickets are yours.

Wallopin' Prairie Dogs

  • Finish 3 Hidden/Bonus Missions

  • Use your Doctor to clobber 15 Prairie Dogs

  • Collect 2 bonuses from the McBaggins Well after fixing it

Use your Doctor as if he were a Hunter, and click on him and then the critters to clobber them. You'll likely fix the McBaggins Well just like how you fixed their house. So, do the same here, only twice, which could take awhile. Another 550 Trail Points, 100 XP and 20 Prize Tickets await you for completing this Goal.

Not the Sheep, Pa!

  • Collect 2 bonuses from the Sheep Barn, after Fixing it

  • Have 10 Medicine in your Wagon

  • Ask friends for 15 Baby Lambkins

You'll also end up fixing the McBaggins Sheep Barn in the same way as the others: with a few whacks. While collecting Medicine by doing the usual, use the "Ask Friends" button to grab 15 Baby Lampkins. You'll earn 185 Trail Points, 100 XP and 5 Prize Tickets after this Goal is through.

Pioneer Trail McBaggins Sheep Barn
Pioneer Trail McBaggins Sheep Barn

Not the Chickens, Pa

  • Collect the bonus from the Chicken Coop 3 times

  • Use your own character to harvest 20 Wild Rice

  • Recruit 5 friends to lend a hand with the coop

The McBaggins Chicken Coop will likely need fixing, too. However, this building looks as if you will need friends to come help fix it, most likely through a Build Menu. Wild Rice will grow at random on the High Plains, much like the Blackberry Bushes in Beaver Valley, so find them and click on them with your own character. After whacking the Chicken Coop a few times and getting your friends to help, stick around to collect that Daily Bonus. Another 185 Trail Points, 100 XP and 5 Prize Tickets await those who finish this Goal.

Pioneer Trail Giant Raging Inferno
Pioneer Trail Giant Raging Inferno

Giant Raging Inferno!

  • Rustle up a fire brigade and put out the fire!

  • Use your Doctor to tend 15 animals

  • Use your Carpenter to harvest 20 Wild Strawberries

This is most likely the grand finale to the High Plains area. Rustling up a fire brigade is as simple as asking your friends--any friends--to help through the button that will appear at the top of the screen when this event occurs.

Once a friend accepts your help request, their character will appear in your game and put out the fire, contributing one of the 100 required buckets. Wild Strawberries also grow randomly in the High Plains, but remember to click the Carpenter first. A whopping 800 Trail Points, 100 XP, 35 Prize tickets are your reward for this Goal.

Now, onto the Hidden Missions! Unfortunately, information on where exactly to find these missions is scarce, but big old blue exclamation points can't be too hard to find, no?

Bonus Mission: Prairie Doggin'

  • Ask for 15 Prairie Dog Decoys

  • Have 12 Parts in your Wagon

  • Craft 10 Prairie Dog Traps in the McBaggins House

Most of this mission is self-explanatory (even the mission's title), but Prairie Dog Traps require you to use the Carpenter, click on the McBaggins House and then click "Go Inside." The traps likely require wagon parts or other items found in Tool Boxes through your Carpenter. A cool 800 Trail Points, 100 XP and 35 Prize Tickets are yours for finishing this one.

Bonus Mission: Wild Rice an' Persimmon Puddin'

  • Use your Hunter to harvest 20 Wild Rice

  • Use your own character to harvest 25 Persimmon

  • Ask for 15 Secret Spice Jars

Just like Wild Rice and Wild Strawberries, Persimmon Trees grow randomly on the High Plains, too. The 15 Secret Spice Jars are found through friends. Again, enjoy 800 Trail Points, 100 XP and 35 Prize Tickets after these tasks are through.

Bonus Mission: Stockin' the Root Cellar

  • Have 12 Meat in your Wagon

  • Rebuild the Windmill using Parts you find in the prairie

  • Turn in 1 Wild Rice collection

There is a Windmill on the High Plains that needs fixing, and the Windmill requires you to ask friends for parts much like any other new building in the game. The Wild Rice Collection comes from, clearly, harvesting Wild Rice, just remember to always hold onto Collections while on the Trail because of Goals like these.

Pioneer Trail Wagon Upgrade 2
Pioneer Trail Wagon Upgrade 2

Bonus Mission: Stockin' up the McBaggins Homestead

  • Use your Hunter to flush out 15 Pheasants

  • Have a second Wagon Upgrade

  • Use your Carpenter to scavenge 15 Steamer Trunks

Pheasants most likely appear when using the Hunter to clear debris and chop down trees, so do this and then blast away at the winged beasts. The second Wagon upgrade requires you to ask friends for even more parts.

Click the Wagon and then the "Upgrade" button to get started. Steamer Trunks are just like Toolboxes from the Beaver Valley, and appear after clearing debris and other items. For this Goal, 800 Trail Points, 100 XP, 35 Prize Tickets are yours.

Bonus Mission: Skunkadillo Rumors

  • Use your Doctor to chop White Oak trees 20 times

  • Have 11 Meat in your wagon

  • Ask for 15 Curious Critter Nets

You're used to using the Carpenter to chop trees, so remember the distinction. The Curious Critter Nets are found using the "Ask Friends" Button on the Goal menu. This Goal will score you 800 Trail Points, 100 XP, 35 Prize tickets.

Bonus Mission: Gifts for Back Home

  • Use your Doctor to clear 20 Prairie Lavender

  • Use your own character to harvest 20 Wild Strawberries

  • Have 12 Parts in your wagon

Of course, Prairie Lavender appear in the High Plains just like Wild Strawberries do, but remember the distinctions. Parts, again, are found through using the Carpenter. Finally, enjoy an extra 800 Trail Points, 100 XP, 35 Prize tickets after this Goal.

[Sources and Image Credits: Zynga, FrontierVille Info]

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