Journey of Moses: Exodus to Deuteronomy get FarmVille treatment

Journey of Moses Facebook
Journey of Moses Facebook

Bringing Moby Dick in its entirety to Facebook was sort of a noble gesture. But we're left trying so, so hard to give Journey of Moses the benefit of the doubt. Hexify has formally announced the release of its Facebook game of biblical proportions, Journey of Moses.

The game takes the epic, Biblical story that spans the books of Exodus to Deuteronomy in the Old Testament... and presents it in a format only a FarmVille fan could truly appreciate.

The game appears to have a much heavier focus on story than similarly-styled Facebook games like FrontierVille and recently PyramidVille. Journey of Moses begins with a cartoon introduction depicting the dramatic moment Moses' mother sends him down the river Nile to avoid execution and into the arms of the Pharaoh's daughter. For the rest of the game, you literally assume the role of Moses, and guide him through the story of his life.

This is done through ... searching tiles (seriously), and much like games such as Treasure Isle. The game's story is pushed along through quests and dialog sequences, but players' Moseses (kinda had to make up a word here, folks) can build their own camps to provide friends with bonuses when they visit daily. It doesn't do much of anything to advance the story, but keeps Journey of Moses in line with the norm of Facebook games (and provides players with free Energy through a honey tree).

Journey of Moses gameplay
Journey of Moses gameplay

There are even "bonus" pieces to the Moses story that players can purchase for Facebook Credits. Or, you know, they can just read the Bible, if they're into that sort of thing. It's a well-polished game with amusing visuals and a surprising amount of depth, much more so than Vatican Wars or Holy Town. It kind of leaves us waiting with bated breath for when The Four Gospels hit Facebook. Or not.

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