Pioneer Trail Avalanche Pass Missions: Everything you need to know


After passing through Beaver Valley and the High Plains in FrontierVille'sPioneer Trail, you've just one (long) stop left before hitting Fort Courage - Avalanche Pass. Watch out though - this section is apparently the hardest, or at least most dangerous section of the Trail yet, so make sure you're fully prepared (Rations, friends to help you along the way) before you head out!

Here's a complete guide to the many missions found in Avalanche Pass. Just remember that Bonus Missions must be activated manually, and are found by completing tasks with your own avatar (and looking for special blue exclamation points that appear above items). Also, your own experience with these missions may occur in a different order.

Avalanche Pass Map Mission

  • Complete 6 Hidden Missions

  • Complete 5 Story Scrolls

  • Move your Wagon to the end of Avalanche Pass

As you complete tasks on the trail with your own avatar, you'll have the chance of receiving Story Scrolls at random. These normally come in the form of short "choose your own adventure" interactions, as you're presented with a situation (you hear music in the distance, see berries guarded by a bear, etc.) and are then given different options for how to react (investigate the noise or leave it alone, try and scare the bear away and so on). In order to move your Wagon to the end of the Pass, you'll need to complete the other story missions in the Avalanche Pass section, so continue reading to find out how to do just that! In other words - this mission won't be completed right away, but that's ok!


  • Scavenge 15 Snowy Barrels

  • Clear 30 Manzanita Bushes

  • Clear 30 Snow Drifts

You can use your Carpenter to complete tasks and bring out the Snowy Barrels, while the other two items are kinds of "debris" (using the term lightly) in the Avalanche Pass.

Busted Wagon

  • Collect 14 Parts

  • Upgrade your Wagon for a third time

  • Collect 15 Spruce Logs

For information on how to upgrade your Wagon, check out our full look at upgrades in the Beaver Valley mission guide. Meanwhile, you'll need to use your Carpenter to bring out items to scavenge for Parts.


  • Collect 16 Medicine

  • Start 2 Hidden / Bonus Missions

  • Ask friends to send you 15 Long Underwear

Medicine is found by completing tasks with your Doctor, which brings out items like Doctor's Bags that contain medicine. We'll get to some additional Bonus Missions in a moment, so hang in there.

Bonus Mission: Gonner Party Dinner Party

  • Collect 14 Meat

  • Collect 14 Medicine

  • Have five friends up for dinner on the Gonner Pass

This is one of those times where I'm actually upset that I understand the reference Zynga was pulling out on this mission's design. Let's just say you might want to finish off this mission sooner, rather than later, before the "Gonners" can have their way with you.

Bonus Mission: Apple Squeezins'

  • Use your Doctor to harvest 50 Crabapple Trees

  • Collect 30 Spruce Logs for the Fire

  • Ask for 15 Cinnamon Sticks

Fixin' the Storm Shelter

  • Clear 20 Tree Stumps

  • Harvest 30 Crabapple Trees with your Carpenter

  • Whack the Shelter 5 Times

As a quick note, whacking the Shelter requires Parts, so you may need to complete a few extra tasks with your Carpenter to earn enough to move on.

Stockin' the Storm Shelter

  • Have 16 Medicine

  • Hunt 15 Gnarly-Horned Mountain Goats

  • Finish the Storm Shelter and collect the Daily Bonus

Use your Hunter to hunt the Mountain Goats (if you don't have some already sitting on your land, then complete tasks with the Hunter to lure them out. As for building the Storm Shelter itself, according to FrontierVilleInfo, you'll need to collect 10 each of Muddy Caulk, Spruce Lumber and Trail Soup (earned through general news posts) and 15 each of Wool Sheets, Twisting Twine and Rusty Hatchets (through individual requests to friends).

Ice Fishin'

  • Finish 3 Hidden / Bonus Missions

  • Craft 15 Ice Fishin' Tip-Ups

  • Ask your friends for 15 Fish Hooks

The Ice Fishin' Tip-Ups can be crafted inside the Storm Shelter using Parts and Spruce Logs.

Bonus Mission: Missin' Home

  • Use your Hunter to clear 50 Red Trillium

  • Use your Doctor to chop Spruce Trees 50 Times

  • Use your Hunter to harvest 50 Blackberry Bushes

A fairly self-explanatory mission - just make sure you have the right character active before queuing a bunch of steps at once; you wouldn't want to have your Carpenter clearing Blackberry Bushes, only to be forced to wait for them to regrow after the mistake.

Trail Feast

  • Harvest 40 Mountain Blueberries with your Doctor

  • Have 15 Meat

  • Collect 16 Trout by tending to your Fishing Rigs

For this goal, you'll need to make sure you dig ice patches to create Fishing Holes where you can apparently collect Trout. As for the Meat, remember to use your Hunter to bring out animals that they can kill, giving you plenty of Meat in return.

Wolf Attack!

  • Flush out and shoot 30 Wolves

  • Upgrade your Wagon a fourth time

  • Clear 40 Red Trillium

In this mission, we've almost made our way entirely through Avalanche Pass, but we won't get out without being attacked by wolves first. This is the same sort of gameplay we saw in the Pioneer Trail teaser trailer, so just stick with it long enough and you'll fight off the lot of them.

Bonus Mission: The Missing Lynx

  • Ask for 15 Yarn Balls

  • Use your Doctor to clear 50 Snowy Rocks

  • Collect 16 Meat

Apparently, we'll be using this Meat as bait to lure out a Lynx or two, as the animal is incredibly rare and of course, your character wants to catch one! We're getting pretty close to the end of the Avalanche Pass, pioneers - don't give up on me yet!

Build a Plunger

  • Scavenge Three Packs from Pack Mules

  • Hunt 3 Canadian Geese

  • Construct and Collect the Bonus from your Plunger

To finally escape Avalanche Pass, you'll need to remove the massive wall of snow that's now blocking your path. With this new Plunger, you will have a tool that will later be used for a very explosive conclusion to this section of the Pioneer Trail. But first, you can use your Carpenter to find Pack Mules.
Blastin' Through the Pass

  • Gather from 3 St. Bernards

  • Craft a Detonator out of parts and dynamite fuses

  • Stuff the Landslide full of explosives

The Detonator can be crafted inside the Storm Shelter, but that's not the biggest part of your work in this mission. You see, you'll need to ask your friends to send you a ton of explosives - 100 to be exact. You'll be able to track your progress towards 100 explosives at the top of the gameplay screen, in a new meter that looks similar to that in the One Billion Hammers event.

Pimp Yer Wagon

  • Have 16 Meat

  • Have 16 Medicine

  • Use your Carpenter to chop Spruce Trees 20 times

You're one step closer to leaving the cold, dangerous Avalanche Pass, so just complete these simplistic tasks and let's get out of here already! Actually, there is one more Bonus Mission to find and complete - if you're up to it.

Bonus Mission: What Big Feet You Have!

  • Use your Carpenter to clear 40 Manzanita

  • Use your Doctor to clear 40 Red Trillium

  • Ask friends for 15 Enormous Paw Prints

By completing this mission, you'll earn access to purchasing the Snow Chipmunk from Bart's Bargains. This is a required step for the Bring Back Some Souvenirs mission, so make sure you find this Bonus Mission and complete it sooner or later!

And there you have it! With these final Missions, you've been able to blast through the landslide blocking your path, and will now be able to move on to Fort Courage! What awaits you there? Keep checking back with us to find out!

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How far have you traveled in the Pioneer Trail? Have you already completed Beaver Valley and the High Plains, or will it be a while before you're able to join other folks here in Avalanche Pass? Sound off in the comments.